48 Hour Film Short Film: A Fool’s Errand

Written and produced as part of the Louisville 2016 48 Hour Film Project competition.

I’m so pleased with my cast and crew, but man. What a crazy weekend. I never wanted to run the camera, edit and color correct myself.  I’ve never even attempted to color correct before.

What a crazy weekend! A record breaking heat wave (112 degrees) caused cameras to overheat and stop working, and we lost power in our main location for 12 hours due to a blown transformer from the window unit a/c’s the old church uses and some sound files got lost in the chaos. Please excuse the sound issues.  So, we did what we could – and we still had a lot of fun. RIP sound files. We poured out a 40 for you. Required prop: rubber band Required line of dialog: “But what if you’re wrong.” Required character: Dylan or Dianne Zimmerman, a cook Genre: Mystery.

Oh, well. It was fun to write, produce and direct this silly mystery. I have to share it because I’m so proud of everyone who worked so hard on it.