Commercial Interactive Experiences

Falls City Beer was looking for new ways to reach out to enthusiastic craft beer fans and for an interesting way to present to distributors and bartenders. I proposed augmented reality and an interactive display as an interesting way to do that.

Augmented Reality Coasters

If you open the Falls City beer app and aim your mobile device at this coaster you just found at your local bar, you will be able to play a digital “spin the bottle” game with your friends. The bottle comes to life on screen, spinning and landing a different random direction each time.

I also created coasters that display video content for the Pale Ale and Hipster Repellent brews.


I managed a team of video professionals to  create the series of videos about Falls City Beer and the brewing process that can be viewed on your mobile device by aiming it at the Pale Ale coasters. View one here. Password: fallscitybeer

For Hipster Repellent, I wrote and produced a series of humorous “Hipsterpedia” videos that each feature a different concept or trend related to hipsters – like an encyclopedia. You can view a promo sample here and a “Hipsterpedia” sample here  or here. Password: fallscitybeer. These are available to view when you aim your phone at special Hipster Repellent coasters.


I also worked with a local creative professional to create a unique custom cut and built acrylic presentation display cut in the shape of three large bottles of beer. A rear projector lights them up with animated transitions: Bubbles rise up within the branded beer bottles, transitioning through each of their brews and playing a video interview with Master Brewer Dylan Greenwood about each brew.