The Bloodthorne King

Inspired by this art by Mark S. Gagne,

“The Bloodthorne King”

Listen my dears and I’ll tell you a haunt
Of the Bloodthorne King, ghastly and gaunt.
A royal man beneath cloak mistook
But something worse upon closer look.
A ruler, yes, of many a man
Drawn by his riches to join the clan,
The phantasm continues to promise to all
The chance for power if you answer the call.
But kingdom beheld is quite the illusion,
Fueled only by a frightful transfusion.
Despite supremacy projected in thoughts,
The king’s really only a tangle of knots.
His bloody thorns cause quite a grievance
To each of those who’ve pledged their allegiance.
In a way it’s true, you may share his reign
But only as he continues to drain
The life of those who sought to rule
With a man who’s nothing without his gruel.